5. Ori Head Cleansing

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Anything ORI related is connected with your consciousness, higher-self, intuition and your direct connection to God.
My preferred method used for ORI cleansing comes from the ancient techniques of ATR (African Tradition Religion) passed down by my elders and it is used to remove any spiritual blockage which may interfere/prevent you from connecting you to your purpose, your higher self and God.
It is very important that you guard and protect your ASE` (located in your ORI) so that your blessings continue to flow freely.

The recommendation for a basic ORI cleansing is every 3-4 months and a good indication that it’s time to get one is when you just feel off spiritually/physically.

**ORI cleansing is done in person. Instructions on how to get the cleansing will be given to you after purchase**

$1000 is the deposit you will be informed of price adjustments for the session. Consult us to be scheduled on the next available cleansing calendar date**

Your Ori is very Important and Sensitive and you should be careful about what you are placing on it. Working with Jonathan allows you to carefully and effectively cleanse your Ori.
A cleansing session includes but is not limited to 
  • An assessment on whether the cleanse is needed.
  • What the cleansing session requirement
  • Other details are intimated during or before a session.


  • To help you to connect with your Ori.
  • To cleanse your Ori

Note: The Head Ori Cleansing are booked based on Calendar Availability.
Kindly reach out for the scheduling Calendar