Open Up to Love with a Custom Made Kit

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Open Up to Love with a Custom Made Kit

Are you ready to open up your heart chakra and experience the power of true love? Unlock your potential by investing in yourself with a custom-made kit that was specifically curated for you!

Each kit includes items to help guide and protect on this journey of self-love. You may even receive additional items, depending on guidance from spirit. With this powerful tool, discover how unconditional love can remove any blocks or negative energies - so you can get closer to everlasting love.

All items are made with fresh ingredients, handcrafted with love and charged in our altar. Please note that ALL ITEMS ARE MADE WITH FRESH INGREDIENTS AND ARE TO BE USED AT YOUR OWN RISK. NOT TO BE USED ON PRIVATE BODY PARTS

Take the necessary steps towards achieving inner peace and order your custom made kit today!