Jonathan has a way, really a gift, to make the mundane, the complicated, the difficult accessible and creating opportunities for healing in every conversation that he has... his teaching and group coaching is on another level. Broke through my shield in less than 5 minutes and gave me perspective on a life long issue that I never had! Probably saved me years of therapy working with him.


Received 3 card pull today and this whole message was definitely on point and for me. Yes, I’ve been in my head overthinking, yes I’ve just been to self not wanting to deal with too many people, yes I’m hard on myself, yes I’ve been working on business but trying to find a balance with daughters and work life… Definitely going to do better

Laquisha J

I came into the session really really nervous because I did not know what to expect. Jonathan was very courteous, open, and honest. The whole experience was really intuitive and inviting, I needed that especially with the day I had at the time. Everything he said (literally), I could piece together to myself, and it was fun watching him look through cloudy areas to get perspective. One of the biggest things for me besides the laughter, good conversation, and light-heartedness was, when he didn't know or wasn't sure, he said so. I absolutely enjoyed this, it was like sitting with a friend I've known for such a long time. Thank you!!!

Rudolph M

It is not possible to completely explain the depths of my love, gratitude and trust in Jonathan L. Harris. He has changed my life forever and it started with one conversation like bread crumbs on a trail that I have been following for almost 7 years. In doing so, I have learned so much about myself that helped me to look deep into the secrets of my soul and heal. I’ve become a better woman, and human being! Jonathan has helped me to break generational curses in my family for which many generations to come will benefit from my relationship with Jonathan!

T Mitchell

Shan Shann

Shan Shann

Dr. Katherine Igah-Phillips

Dr. Kathrine Igah-Phillips