Understanding and Releasing Energy and Vibration

Matter only makes up 5 percent of the universe. The rest is energy, including our minds, bodies and spirits. As more people begin to grasp this concept, we can start to see everything we feel, do and see as energy.

Energy vibrates. Every single thing on this planet is vibrating. Some vibrations are higher than others. Higher vibrations encapsulate emotions such as joy, abundance, love and excitement. Lower vibrations manifest as fear, resentment and jealousy. We also know that the law of attraction states that like attracts like. Whatever frequency we vibrate at is the frequency we invite into our lives.

Have you ever had a bad day that just kept getting worse? That's because you got stuck in a lower vibration from an issue that arose, only to keep ruminating about it in your subconscious and inadvertently attract more of the same difficulty. In the same way, when we shove these vibrations down and refuse to let them surface, the energy gets bound up. These blockages not only stifle the free flow of energy in the body, but they also generate their own magnetic field around the lower vibration. We literally are walking magnets, bringing in more of the same vibration. Our bodies store energy and can either reflect happiness, abundance and joy, or they can be filled with pain from unreleased energy.

In addition to the energy that we create, our bodies also hold the energy of our ancestors. When we are in the womb, we download the energy from our mother's nervous system. Any programming, fears and stress that she has will directly manifest in our systems before we're even born. It's also true that our mother's eggs formed while she was inside of her mother, so we carry the energy from generations long before us. This concept explains why different people attract different situations early in life.

Our bodies are physical and mental energy stores. The more we hold in, the more we tighten our tissues and lock the energy inside of us. The good news is that countless methods offer an escape for this energy. Sound is one of them.

Sound carries the vibration of whatever it is that we need to express. Releasing emotion, tension and reactions through sound can send the lower vibrations out of us.

Each sound has a vibration, including the sounds inside of our head. The way we talk to ourselves is so important for more reasons beyond self-esteem. Obviously, being kind to ourselves makes a difference in our self-confidence. Energetically speaking, the voices inside our head carry vibrations, which can be high frequency or low frequency.

When we feel anxious, the voice inside our head speeds up. We start with, "I have to go here and do this and do that. I have no idea how I can do everything." That frequency is manifesting and gaining steam throughout the mind, body and spirit. Since each is connected, the mind picks up the energy of anxiety and translates it through the body and eventually, the soul.

I grew up with a severe self-loathing problem. I thought that everything I did amounted to nothing and the only way to change this was to drag myself over the coals at every chance I got. The voice inside my head was tough, heavy and dark. The tone was low and constantly said things like, "Get your ass up, you have to push yourself harder or else you will always be miserable. You have to be tough, that is your lot in life."
My body, life and mindset reflected this energy from the voice inside my head. As I've gotten older and made a conscious, years-long effort to heal, this voice has gotten softer. As I worked on healing the wounds I've carried throughout my life, I started to subconsciously speak to myself like I would a child in front of me. I found the voice using words like "sweetheart" and "honey," saying things like "it's going to be okay. You are perfect how you are. Everything is taken care of."

As I worked on releasing the darker vibrations and energy lodged inside my body, it fell away to the energy of my soul. This energy is one of peace, empathy and absolute, unconditional love. It didn't happen overnight and it didn't happen by accident. Once I shifted my thought pattern, my energy changed and raised my vibration overall. Maybe I don't have to be mean to myself to live my life, I thought. Maybe that voice was wrong.

The shift is much more than just a change in thought pattern, however. What actually happened is that I released the energy pent up in my body. That gruff, intense voice was a blockage in my system that stifled the energy from my spirit. Healing actually means allowing energy to flow again naturally, and once I released the old energy in my body, everything shifted.
So, when others harp on being kind to ourselves, it's more than just feel-good advice. The tone and words we use create a chemical response in our bodies and they manifest directly into our external world. Our DNA downloads the vibration and changes the makeup of who we are. That's why, when we go to a moving speech or hear someone speaking powerfully, it elicits a response from deep within us. Our bodies vibrate in recognition with each word they say and the tone they say it in. These vibrations correlate to specific emotions; it can be joy, happiness or poignancy, or it can create anger, sadness or discomfort -- either way, internal and external words matter.

The frequency at which you vibrate affects every single thing you attract. When we are disconnected from our highest Self, the words inside our head can be harsh, apathetic and abusive. This voice tries to shove us into a box that we think will protect us.
The brain operates on efficiency, resisting any change in thought patterns as a way to conserve energy; this means that we are naturally inclined to continue the same thought pattern over and over again. In doing so, we create another person separate from our essence. Years of generating this person binds the energy we've created inside the body and the psyche. This explains why so many of us wake up one day and have no idea who we are or whose life we are living. When we don't realize that everything carries energy, the energy carries us. Rather than consciously choosing the direction we move in, the energy of the subconscious, high vibration or low, chooses for us.
Choosing a different thought will change your life, and it will also change your cells. Once we understand that anxiety is an energetic disturbance, we can move through it as such. I know how difficult that can seem after a lifetime of speaking to yourself a certain way, but I am also living proof that it can be done. One small choice can attract an entirely different life.

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