How To Prepare Your Own Spiritual Bath (Tutorial)

Spiritual baths are an effective way of remove energy blocks and getting back in alignment with God, Spirit and Self. They are not a end all be all but part of a process in you spiritual journey. While its recommended you seek a more advanced practitioner or priest to handle your spiritual bath and cleansing, when pressed for time and in cases of emergency you can handle the bath yourself.

What you will need:

  • Herbs
  • Water or liquid base
  • Candle
  • Working surface

Here is How:

  1. Know the herbs you have or need for the bath. Different fresh or dried herbs serve different cleansing roles (explained in another blog). You can use Sage, Basil, Mint, Rosemary among others.
  2. Place you bowl in between a jug/or glass of water and a lit candle.
  3. Disclaimer : Before handling a Spiritual bath you need to physically cleanse your body i.e. a bath/shower. Also take some time to cleanse your space with sage bundle.
  4. You can use water from a natural source (spring water).
  5. Pour the water into the bowl. Remember the base of your bath will be different depending on the type and purpose of the bath. For example some baths may require liquor or milk.
  6. Put your herbs into the water and start ripping them apart to release their essence.
  7. Very important, you have you keep praying while doing the ripping and also remember to have your intentions set. Talk to God and be focused on your intention. Ask for the activation of the herbs.
  8. Rip the herbs until the liquid base (water) is no longer clear.
  9. Let the bath sit for 30 minutes to an hour. You can place the bath on your alter if you have one as you wait.
  10. After the time has elapsed, use the water to take a bath with after the shower or mix with your bath water.
  11. Do not mix the herbs with the shower water. Sieve them aside and you can reuse them once more for another bath. However, it is not recommended to use the herbs more that twice because they would have lost their properties and might be running rancid.
  12. Also, You can use the herbs as a washcloth to wipe yourself down with.
  13. After you are done with your bath, thank God and you can continue with your day.


Spiritual bath bring clarity, abundance, connection with the creator and being one with the creator.
Spiritual baths are Medicine.
Do not use just any herb, know the properties and the energy they bring.
This type of baths are recommended to be taken once for four days. 

Thank you.
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