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TestimonialsEveryone deserves a rewarding life!

… Jonathan, the phone session was a reawakening to things that I have let slowly fade and tarnish. I am to bringing back the luster that completely motivates me...

Mike Monroe

Jonathan knows exactly where you may need clarity trusting your own inner knowing. I've know and worked with Jonathan for 10 years he's the best!

Shirley S

He can give you whatever information you need, see blockages to your goal, and help you with those. He has a real gift, and he is 'The Amazing Jonathan!'

Majee Dupree

Jonathan Harris entered my life and all my good keeps expanding! His acceptance of his gifts and talents lovingly enhances and expedites my spiritual growth

Rev. Dr. Deloris Madgett

My experience was phenomenal. As a medium I invite conversations with spirits and in so doing I opened myself up to a spirit who did not want to leave. He was able to exorcise him and send him on his way.

Debbie Loshbough

Jonathan, is truly a gifted spiritual young man. He allows God/Spirit to use him in assisting individuals with their journey called life. He has give me and my family words of encouragement and guidance.

Laurie S MSW